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Sony cybershot p71 manual

sony cybershot p71 manual

Look and Feel, the DSC-P71 has lost some weight since the old P50 model.
Battery Compartment Latch : Tucked in the center of the battery compartment door, this button unlocks the door, allowing it to slide outward.
The DSC-P71 also offers Clip Motion and Multi Burst modes.An On/Off button on top of the camera powers the camera on, and a Mode dial on the back panel lets you select between Scene, Automatic, and Movie exposure modes.The color improved a bit over that of the prototype (as is often the case with the result that the production model produced good-looking images under a wide range of conditions.A shutter-like, retractable lens cover protects the lens whenever the camera is powered off, flipping quickly out of the way when the camera is turned.Set-Up Mode : The following three page Set-Up menu automatically displays when entering this mode: Camera : Moving Image : Sets the Movie recording type to mpeg Movie, Clip Motion, or Multi Burst.Special Features, movie mode with mpeg EX Movie, Clip Motion, and Multi Burst options.Display/LCD Button : Just adjacent to the Menu button, this button controls the LCD monitor's display mode.Ntsc video cable for connection to a television set.The remaining few camera controls are on the back panel, along with the optical viewfinder eyepiece, LCD monitor, speaker, and connector jacks.When an image has been enlarged, all four arrow keys move around within the enlarged view.A set of two rechargeable NiMH AAs and a battery charger are included in the box with each camera, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Sony AAs have a very high capacity, on a par with the very best third-party NiMH.

In Playback mode, the left and right keys scroll through captured images on the memory card.
Just above and left from the lens is the AF illuminator, which helps to light up the subject in low-light situations, to ease focusing.
Test Shots Sample Pictures See our test shots and detailed analysis here.
I've covered the P31 in a separate review.The rapidshare curso guitarra clasica pdf flash can't throttle down enough for closeups though, so you'll need to think about external illumination for your macro shots.More bad news: despite not recording any sound, the P71 won't let you use the zoom lens during filming.Quality : Sets the jpeg compression level to Fine or Standard.So download PhotoRescue for Windows or PhotoRescue for Mac while you're thinking.Landscape apparently just sets the camera's focus to infinity.The.5" LCD is smaller than those found on most cameras, but it's still bright and easy to see, except outdoors (as is the case with all LCDs).