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Soldier of fortune payback patch

soldier of fortune payback patch

Cash And cdrwin 3 5b serial crack Prizes (20) lic proposal form 300 pdf Kill 75 enemies by shooting them in the groin in any multiplayer mode.
The Real Deal (110) Complete the game without dying on Normal or Hard difficulty.
Speed Kills (20) Kill 5 enemies in 5 seconds in any game mode.Complete Donetsk (20) Complete the Donetsk levels on the hardest difficulty setting.Description: Soldier of Fortune: Payback -.1 Patch.File Info: Soldier of Fortune: Payback -.1 Patch.Assassination King (20) Achieve 15 kills with a sniper rifle in a single Ranked Match - Deathmatch.

Soldier of Fortune, terrorist Takedown: War in Colombia, terrorist Takedown: Payback.
The Black Knight (20) Shoot off all 4 limbs on any combination of players over the course of a multiplayer match.
Nades For Everyone (20) Get a triple kill with an explosive during a single Ranked Match - Team Deathmatch.
Do It From Behind (20) Kill 50 opponents in Ranked Matches with a knife attack from behind.Daddy Longlegs (50) Accumulate 250 dismemberments in any multiplayer mode.One Shot Is All I Need!Flag Frag (20) Kill 30 enemy flag carriers in Capture The Flag.Soldier of Fortune: Payback -.1 Patch.Spray And Pray (20) Achieve 5 kills in a row without dying with an SMG in a single Ranked Match - Elimination.Not Enough Milk (30) Perform 500 dismemberments throughout the campaign.How Embarrassing (20) Kill 4 members of the opposing team while carrying their flag.Aim In Vein (20) Achieve a 25 vital zone hit ratio in a multiplayer match.