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Null in loop in oracle

null in loop in oracle

When the PL/SQL runtime engine tries to read the contents of names_in(2 it finds that there is no element defined at index value 2 and it raises NO_data_found.
PUT_line procedure 5 End of the FOR loop blue dragon pc game 6,7 End of the execution section of the block FOR loop index The loop index value has its scope inside the FOR loops structure only and when it is accessed outside its structure, the loop fails with.
Put_line last odd number was 'TO_char(s 13 END; 14 / 1 is even!
200 loop 3 i : i 4; 4 end crysis 3 digital deluxe pc game mult loop; 5 end; 6 / i : i 4;.
Execute the FOR loop with 1 for the low value and count for the high value.SQL declare 2 idx number : 100; 3 begin 4 dbms_output.Consider the header of the FOR loop: FOR indx IN NVL (names_RST, 0).4 loop 11 dbms_output.The net result is that show_names has, in effect, covered up an error.your_collection.count if you also know that the collection is always filled from index value 1 (as with bulk collect and multiset or use IF your_collection.count 0 then FOR indx IN your_collection.first.

While the reverse keyword is placed, the loop_index value starts at the lower_bound and increments itself by 1 for each iteration of the loop until it reaches the upper_bound.
It is concise and readable, but it has the same drawback as the previous technique: it assumes that the collection is either empty or densely filled.
He has published 10 books on Oracle PL/SQL (OReilly Media) and is an Oracle ACE Director.
PUT_line procedure 5 End of the FOR loop 6,7 End of the execution section of the block For loop with reverse keyword The below script runs the loop for 5 times starting from the upper bound value 5 decrementing itself by 1 until it reaches.
I believe this code speaks for itself.In such a case, the collection is always empty or sequentially filled, starting from index value.I will first show you each of them and then offer my views on which should be used and which should be avoided.PUT_line procedure 7,8 End of the execution section of the block The statements inside the loop can access the loop indexs value but it can never be assigned with any value.By Steven Feuerstein, choose the best approach to prevent a value_error exception.The below example immediately raises the predefined exception value_error when executed.The loop_index placed after the END loop syntax is optional and it is meant for identifying a particular loops end with ease.Description 1 Start of the execution section of the block 2,3 Start of the FOR loop statement with lower bound value as 1, upper bound value as 5 and reverse keyword placed.Use a while loop and the first and next collection methods.