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Manual de consola hock

manual de consola hock

SfxgameModeGalaxy This mode is game swat 4 full version indowebster used while the Galaxy Map is open sfxgame.
Power Name Description Example sfxpower_AIHacking GIve AI Hacking to companion GivePower Garrus sfxpower_AIHacking sfxpower_ArmorPiercingAmmo GIve Armor Piercing Ammo to companion GivePower Miranda sfxpower_ArmorPiercingAmmo sfxpower_WarpAmmo_Player GIve Warp Ammo power to companion GivePower Miranda sfxpower_WarpAmmo_Player sfxpower_Cloak GIve Infiltrator cloaking power to companion GivePower Miranda sfxpower_Cloak sfxpower_CombatDrone GIve.
Collect More Resources From Planets Edit Locate oPlanet.
Sfxweapon Base template M-3 Predator M-6 Carnifex M-4 Shuriken M-9 Tempest M-8 Avenger M-15 Vindicator M-76 Revenant Geth Pulse Rifle M-23 Katana M-27 Scimitar M-300 Claymore M-92 Mantis M-97 Viper M-98 Widow M-100 Grenade Launcher ML-77 Missile Launcher M-622 Avalanche M-920 Cain Collector Particle Beam.Sfxshield_Energy AI kinetic barrier Player's kinetic barrier sfxgame.Sfxgame Variable Description StormRegen regeneration speed of combat storm stamina StormRegenNonCombat regeneration speed of non-combat storm stamina StormStamina determines how long Shepard can storm during combat StormStaminaNonCombat determines how long Shepard can storm outside of combat bioinput Edit This section is where binds can.SfxinventoryManager section in bioweapon module and set appropriate values for these variables: MaxProbes and MaxFuel.See also: PC Tweaks#Commands, command, description, example, giveTalentPoints int value, give (remove) talent points.Changing in the middle of the game also works, but with necessity of filling new capacity and spending (a lot of) money.Reference Table Edit This section contains a list of possible parameters for commands.Txt Profile combat target Show combat data for the target Profile combat self Profile power target Show powers data for the target Profile power target Profile anim target Show animation data for the target Profile anim sfxpawn_Garrus_01_0 Profile camera target Show camera data for the.

Sfxweapon IconRef0 PrettyName339532 GeneralDescription0 ShortDescription0 Change Player Shield Recharge time Edit You can modify shield recharge time to increase/decrease combat pace to suit your play style: sfxgame.
Other weapons are unaffected.
Unlike the first Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2's in-game console is locked in a more serious way, but a multitude of effects and in-game commands can be activated through editing configuration files.
The ME1 folder contains the Mass Effect save files transferred over by ME2 Configuration Utility.First - minimal number, second is the maximum.SfxgameModeGUI This mode is used for hacking and decryption mini-games, as well as menus.Level List Edit BioP_Nor Normandy SR-2 BioP_CitHub Citadel - Zakera Ward BioP_KroHub Tuchanka - Urdnot Camp BioP_OmgHub Omega - Merchant District BioP_TwrHub Illium - Nos Astra BioP_ProNor Normandy SR-1 BioP_ProCer Lazarus Research Station BioP_ProFre Freedom's Progress BioP_HorCr1 Horizon BioP_ShpCr2 Collector Vessel BioP_RprGtA Derelict Reaper BioP_EndGm1.Sfxshield_Player Player's shield template Variable Description bAbsorbDamageOnBreak Shield absorbs full damage on breaking bFastCoverRegen Shield recharges fast when in cover bRechargeable Shield is rechargeable DamageGateInterval Amount of damage shields can take before collapsing MaxShields PartialBreakPct ShieldDisplayName The ID of the line.tlk file ShieldPointsPerBar.You can do this by adding extra spaces to the end of a line, or deleting unnecessary lines from the international keybindings.Change the values.0 will cause shield unable to regenerate.Contents show, backup Your Career, edit, using the modifications described in this article may alter your career permanently.Companion Usable Powers Edit These powers can be assigned to your companions and work correctly.