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Everything you want to know about the official Civ4 map scripts, you can find here.Author: Firaxis; File Size: 881 ea cricket 2009 game for pc KB; Format: PDF/DOC Civilization IV World Builder Manual A very nicely formatted guide in PDF format about modding..
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Lua reference manual pdf 5.1

lua reference manual pdf 5.1

Therefore, if a hook calls back Lua to execute a function or a chunk, that execution occurs without any calls to hooks.
After the collection, Lua does the equivalent of the following function for each object in that list: function gc_event (obj) local h metatable(obj)._gc if type(h) "function" then h(obj) end end At the end of each garbage-collection cycle, the finalizers for objects are called in the.
Floor(k 1024 b) (The second result is useful when Lua is compiled with a non tekken 3 crack file floating-point type for numbers.) "step performs a garbage-collection step.
If the coroutine has yielded, resume restarts it; the values val1.Therefore, by default, global variables in Lua code refer to entries in the global environment.Upvalues in the form var are obsolete; use external local variables instead.LuaL_loadfile -0, 1, e int luaL_loadfile (lua_State *L, const char *filename Equivalent to luaL_loadfilex with mode equal to null.Lua_upvalueindex -0, 0, int lua_upvalueindex (int i Returns the pseudo-index that represents the i-th upvalue of the running function (see.4 ).If n is 1, the result is that single string (that is, the function does nothing if n is 0, the result is the empty string.The return statement is used to return values from a function or from a chunk.In case of errors, sume returns false plus an error message.

Unless otherwise noted, any function that accepts valid indices can also be called with pseudo-indices, which represent some Lua values that are accessible to the C code but are not in the stack.
This means that all values can be stored in variables, passed as arguments to other functions, and returned as results.
If the number is not an integer, it is truncated in some non-specified way.
Modules are not expected to set global variables.
The script name is stored in index 0, the first argument after the script name goes to index 1, and.(If you want to accept only actual boolean values, use lua_isboolean to test the value's type.) -0, 0, lua_CFunction lua_tocfunction (lua_State *L, int index Converts a value at the given index to a C function.Ipairs (t) If t has a metamethod _ipairs, calls it with t as argument and returns the first three results from the call.bitwise operations (.7 input and output (.8 operating system facilities (.9 debug facilities (.10 ).Returns the metatable of the given value or nil if it does not have a metatable.If s is null, pushes nil and returns null.If that also fails, it tries an all-in-one loader (see archers ).LUA_errerr - error while running the error handler function.