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Falling through the cracks idiom

falling through the cracks idiom

Vi adv ( person, leaf ) cadere ; ( part ) staccarsi ; ( diminish, demand, numbers, interest ) diminuire, abbassarsi ; ( quality ) scadere.
To agree with (a plan, idea etc ).
I to become worse, lower, or less in value : He sold his shares, just before sales began to slip.
( become ) to fall asleep quedarse dormido, dormirse to fall to bits ( Brit ) to fall to pieces to fall due vencer to fall heir to sth heredar algo to fall ill gundam wing endless duel rom caer enfermo, enfermarse to fall in love (with sth/sb) enamorarse (de.
Person, object caerse ( of de).( become) werden ; to fall asleep einschlafen ; to fall ill krank werden, erkranken (geh) ; to fall in love with somebody sich in jdn verlieben ; to fall out of love with somebody aufhören, jdn zu lieben ; shes forever fall ing.Si mise a pensare.He had a fall.( hang ) hair, drapery caer.To be slower than (someone else).Rick Santorums Last-Minute Crusade in Iowa.( fall down ) person, object caerse to fall into the river caerse al río to fall on one's feet caer de pie ( fig ) salir bien parado to fall to or on one's knees arrodillarse, caer de rodillas to fall on one's ass.A cataclysm no cd crack long false hairpiece; switch.( slope ) ground descender, caer en declive.

Most of the figurative senses had developed in Middle English.
To be classified or included: the subject falls into two main areas.
That of "cascade, waterfall" is from 1570s.Old English noun form, fealle, meant "snare, trap." Sense of "autumn" (now only.S.) is 1660s, short for fall of the leaf (1540s).He's falling down on his job.Slip Significado en el diccionario Cambridge inglés.Slip of the tongue a small mistake made while speaking: Wall street is nervous, and any slip of the tongue can send markets sliding downhill.To happen or occur.Our plans fell through.