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Elreha mini map 524a pdf

elreha mini map 524a pdf

Each do obj if!aracter_name.
Event_outline_color w(255, 255, 255, 192) # Player Outline color.
# miniMap # * software corel draw x6 Plug N Play Minimap (Don't need image) * # # by Woratana # Thaiware RPG Maker Community # Released on: # Version:.0 # # Credit: KGC for XP MiniMap Script, # this script can't be done without his MiniMap.
Width (MiniMap:minimap_border_size * 2) b_height map_rect.Minimap X, Y, Width, Height.Width / grid_size, map_rect.Height - 2) ear_rect(brect) else brect ct end ll_rect(brect, MiniMap:player_color) @position_tmap bitmap draw_map update_object_list draw_object update_position end def draw_map bitmap @map_tmap ct, MiniMap:background_color) map_rect w mmr0, @mmr1, @mmr2, @mmr3) grid_size MiniMap:grid_size, x game_map.

Width / 2 mh map_rect.
Y - MiniMap:minimap_border_size b_width map_rect.
Height @map_tmap w(bitmap_width, bitmap_height) @map_c_rect map_rect @object_sprite w @object_sprite.Width - 2,.Height.times do j if!game_ssable?(i, j) next end rect w(map_rect.Height - 2) ear_rect(brect) else brect ct end ll_rect(brect, color) end end end end def update if @mmr!Minimap dispose refresh end draw_object update_position if @map_sible @map_sprite.end def original_name return @name end def show_minimap?# # * setup event keyword color # # * Template: # object_color'keyword' w(Red, Green, Blue, Opacity) # # * 'keyword Word you want to put in event's comment to show this color # * Note: 'keyword' is case sensitive!Player_color w(255, 0, 0, 192) # Player color #, object_color # Don't change or delete this line!Minimap_border_color w(0, 0, 255, 160) # Minimap's border color # w(Red, Green, Blue, Opacity minimap_border_size 2 # Minimap's border size.