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Does smoking crack affect your liver

does smoking crack affect your liver

Emotional dysfunction : It is extremely common to experience emotional disturbances over the long-term that stem from cocaine usage.
Some lasting health effects of crack cocaine smoking include: Cardiovascular and respiratory problems.
PubMed Citation (27 year old man developed bizarre behavior followed by combativeness after smoking crack cocaine, with CPK 30 times ULN, ALT and AST 40 times ULN the following day and rise in creatinine, but spontaneous recovery and resolution within one week).
PubMed Citation (23 year old woman presented with confusion 10 hours after cocaine use bilirubin.2 mg/dL, ALT 1031 U/L, ssis tutorial for beginners 2008 pdf Alk P 103 U/L, worsening for 6 days and then resolving rapidly over next 10 days; biopsy showed centrolobular coagulative necrosis with minimal inflammation).
Crack dependency occurs after users develop a tolerance to the drug and begin using more often and in larger amounts to achieve the desired effects.The severity and number of long-term effects that you experience will be highly individualized.Apathy : When a person has severely decreased dopamine and prefrontal activity, they may become apathetic.While crack cocaine is most commonly smoked, it may also be snorted or injected.PubMed Citation (3 patients with HIV/HBV or HCV coinfection who had rises in ALT levels baseline of 7-30 rising to U/L, without jaundice or rise in Alk P a few days after intranasal cocaine use ).Those that use the drug on a daily basis for a long-term are likely to end up with more severe long-term effects than someone who used the drug infrequently.Porter JM, Sussman MS, Rosen.

Incidence, Presentation and outcomes in patients with drug-induced liver injury in the general population of Iceland.
Guollo F, Narciso-Schiavon JL, Barotto AM, Zannin M, Schiavon.
Chronic sinus infections, chronic runny nose and frequent nosebleeds may also develop due to the damage in your nasal lining.
This frequent exposure to crack cocaine causes users to depend on this substance to help them avoid negative moods and feelings; those ensnared by a crack dependency will experience extreme anxiety when they are not able to obtain the drug.Damage to the kidneys, heart, and liver.PubMed Citation (56 users of cocaine, but not injection drugs, only 3 had elevated ALT levels peak 111 U/L and two of them had hepatitis B suggesting that cocaine abuse does not cause chronic hepatitis or persistent ALT elevations).Drug Alcohol Depend 1990; 26: 169-74.Most people are aware that cocaine is a highly addictive psychostimulant drug associated with increases in energy and feelings of euphoria. With proper efforts and lifestyle changes, most people should be able to restore their mental and physical health (over time).Snorting, smoking tends to reach the brain more quickly than snorting.