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Chicago manual of style headings capitalization

chicago manual of style headings capitalization

That way readers of hardcopy versions would be able to refer to the TOC and then find the appropriate section within the hardcopy document relatively easily.
Markkawika 01:15, (UTC) TOC and Numbering Sections The automatically generated TOC is great - it provides order in a document.
Quite the contrary, if there is no space I would instinctively connect the header with the paragraph following.For words that appear first in an article and then in a list farther down, it can be linked again in the list.Note that the Wikipedia Style for very large numbers is 10,000 or scientific notation and not the SI notation 10 000 with a space.This is clearer to read in wiki form than languagelanguages and easier to type.I guess having me and a couple others (you) feeling a change would be nice isn't enough for actually implementing the change.Users who really can't stand sentence-case headings open source logistics software for some reason, we could extend the Wikimedia software to provide for automatic conversation based on readers' personal preferences.American culture is newer, more flexible.Leaving no space will cause the text to be put directly under the heading.Or The legal status of circumcision varies from country to country.Dates, numbers, measurements dihtan fruman See Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers).Is there a reason for the given order of headings at the end of an article?Doug Bell talk contrib 21:55, (UTC) Capitalization What's the big deal about capitalizing the first letter of every word (except prepositions) in section titles?

When the See also refers to the entire article, not just a section, it should be a heading of level 2 so that it appears in the table of contents.
Use the style markup game booster 3.5 for windows xp for headings, not ' (bold).
However, philosophies, doctrines, and systems of economic thought should not be capitalised, unless the name is derived from a proper noun.
Job titles dihtan fruman Job titles such as president, king, or emperor are capitalized when used as a title (followed by a name thus it is "President Bush not "president Bush".
This also applies to transcendent ideas in the Platonic sense Good and Truth.For emphasis, one could argue-which is what a title IS (and why I capitalize all letters in a word *I* want to emphasis (except "I" since it's already capitalized so I used asterisks around it instead).There aren't any headers in Analytical Society - although the bit at the bottom that says b External links /b should be a header.Use ' bold italics ' in the first sentence only for terms that would be italicised even if they were not set in bold, for example, book titles (this does not mean only terms that are always italicized; whether a word or phrase is italicized.For each link that you add, ensure that there is a reasonable amount of unlinked text to make the article easy to read.Manual links to sections with repeated titles (regardless of capitalization) will only go to the first occurrence." - Spiffy sperry 00:34, (UTC) The capitalization part needs a bug report?