Used to be a top elottery syndicate site

This site used to promote the popular online lottery syndicate called elottery syndicate. It ranked very high in the search engines ever since it was created.

After elottery syndicate closed down, I started promoting lovemylotto, the new multi lottery syndicate.

Shortly after this happened, google decided to make changes to their algorythms, and change popularly known as the google panda update. As soon as the guys at google rolled this out, the site has been buried in the depths of google, destined never to get any traffic ever again, along with thousands of other sites experiencing the same problems.

So know, just as a test, i am changing everything about the site, with a view to cracking the google panda update, and testing if what the people at google say is actually correct.

Now google have invented robots that they say take in over 500 individual ranking factors. But even tho this is the case, anytime someone asks google a question regarding ranking, they keep saying the same thing, “quality unique content”.

“Maybe you should try creating some quality unique content”.

So tell me why wikipedia is so popular then? because the majority of content on wikipedia is made up bullshit. Anyone can create a page and tell untold amount of lies, but this is quality content because its on wikipedia.

Ok so maybe im ranting, but hey, we’ll see where this little test goes.

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